Our technology can perfectly map a mask to your face in real time, leading to a strikingly realistic appearance.

Adloid face tracking technology instantly fits and contours animations to your face. The animated effects range from changing you into a celebrity to donning virtual accessories. Simply swipe to quickly browse through the numerous fun effects.

What is its purpose

It’s to revolutionize the Lifestyle and fashion sector and trial options.

What is its goal?

Our face SDK enables the users to try out lifestyle/ fashion products/ accessories

Why Augmented Reality

Create magic mirror

Magic Mirror represents what you can do with your look using different products for skin and hair.

Beauty Simulations

We enable beauty try- on stimulation on live video using enhanced face- tracking in AR

Make up, Hair Try- on

Our tech caters to face simulations in makeup, hair and skin.

Advanced Face tracking using AI

3D facial tracking tracks movements and expressions, giving details about skin features like spots, texture and wrinkles.

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