The technology transition from 2D to 3D has already taken place. What’s missing today is the ability to interact with virtual objects in real life. That’s what we offer through AR/ VR .

Who We Are

We are B2B enablers for Augmented reality solutions. We provide end-end solutions in technology as well as tools for developing AR/VR applications.

What We Do

We create AR/VR experiences using our globally recognised SDK for various sectors like Furniture, Automobile, Real Estate sector and has the capacity to create engaging and useful cases.

How we do it

When we say Augmented reality we mean every bit of it. You don't need to be a techie to understand our product offerings. We make it simple, portable and quick to use, for you and for your end consumers.

Custom white label solution

Developed AR ready app for you.

  • End to end development on all platforms.
  • Content customisation available if needed

Custom SDK

Make your own app AR ready

  • Motion Tracking, Ground plane tracking/Terrain Detection
  • Perpspective View and Complete understanding of Environment

Why work with ADLOID

Software Compability

We don’t need any extra hardware. Only smartphone is enough to have the experience

Expertise in all 3 platforms

Enabled for Android, IOS and Mobile Web.

We make the camera smart

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Photo realistic 3D Assets

We work on the 3D assets to give you an experience as close to reality as possible.

Our Values

At heart, we are a technology company

We beleive technology can change humanity for good, but that can only happen if we create insanely great products out of it.

Visualisation is the Dream

The promise of Immersive technologies is just scratching the surface today. In the coming years, AR/VR will become part of our daily lives

We care and share with our customers

Our business always wants partners and customers who believe in AR/VR technology and we love sharing and discussing our vision with them

No pyramid, level headed leadership

Our team truly believes in tangible actions, and everyone shares the same vision. From leaders to interns, everyone understands that the journey has just started

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