The promise of Augmented Reality for the furniture brands offers:

• Gives the user real-time interaction with products in their real life surrounding.

• Increases engagement time by allowing the user to try a variety of products at home.

• Ensures customer satisfaction as they get to order the perfect furniture for themselves.

• Visual Assistance allows customisation in colour, texture, size and dimensions.

• Enabling customer interaction with the product helps reduce returns/exchange requests.

What is its purpose

Giving the customer the tools to interact and experience the furniture they like, in their real life surroundings. The purpose of Augmented Reality is to enhance human experiences with the use of technology. With the help of AR, the user can invest in the product they think is ideal for them..

How does AR change the process of buying furniture?

AR assists in all visual aspects of buying furniture, from measuring the space to placing a life-like 3D object in the user’s home. It allows the user to customise the product to exactly what they want and experience it in their environment. AR makes the process of buying furniture an interactive and easier experience.

Alternatives to AR

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a technology innovation in the past decade that helps in visualisation at home. The process of creating renders and taking dimensions of your home manually is outdated.

Why it's still difficult to buy furniture today

The furniture brands don’t offer any trial at home for the end users as it is logistically impossible. The customer many times ends up owning a product she is not fully satisfied with.

Why Augmented Reality

Try furniture at home

Preview objects in your space in real time

Visualise Real Objects

With Adloid markerless AR technology, it’s just like they were there.

Measure space buy accordingly

Measure your space and get accurate dimensions furniture that can fit in your home

Interior planning using AI

Scan your rooms, create 3D floor plans and decorate them in Augmented Reality

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